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29029 Everesting Videos


What if Mt. Everest and 29,029 vertical feet came to you?

29029 was created to give the ultra-endurance finish line to the non-endurance athlete. Three nights of community. 36 hours to climb. One story to tell for the rest of your life.

This is not a race. This is you vs you.

How it works

29029 is a group Everesting event hosted in Idaho, Utah and Vermont. Whether participants choose to run or hike, they have 36 hours to climb the elevation of Mount Everest. 

Everesting might sound simple. Hike up a hill repeatedly until you reach 29029 ft (8848 m). In practice, it's tough. It's both a physical and mental challenge.

Learn More

Visit https://29029everesting.com/29029everesting.com to learn more about these unique events and register for 2022.

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